Is there a generic Viagra?

Is there a generic Viagra? This is the question that has been racing through the minds of men fighting against ED since, perhaps, Viagra’s very introduction in 1998. Why? Well, since Pfizer was the only company manufacturing Sildenafil back in the day, it didn’t miss the opportunity to milk their breakthrough invention to the maximum. Brand-name Viagra has never been cheap – and its price only kept on growing higher and higher during the past years. These days it costs about 100% more expensive than it used to cost back in 1998 and it looks like the prices will only keep on climbing higher and higher in future – at least, in the US where Pfizer is still more or less the only supplier of Sildenafil in the market. As the prices grow, the people’s disappointment grows too. Not really eager to pay $10-30 per pill, men come looking for generic Viagra – and find it!

Yes, generic Viagra does exist – has actually existed since the very early years of Viagra. Yes, Pfizer did manage to secure itself a patent is some countries of the world – ones like the US, Canada and most countries of the European Union. But what about countries with lower income per capita – the countries where men simple couldn’t afford Viagra at the price Pfizer made it available at? Generic Sildenafil became available there very fast – and Pfizer did nothing about it since it wouldn’t have made its pills sell in those markets anyway. As the result, China, India, Egypt and other countries started producing and selling Sildenafil literally by the ton. Was it as expensive as the original Viagra? Hell no! In those countries you could buy generic Viagra at $1 a pill or even less! In fact, you still can do it there – in person in brick and mortar pharmacies or over the Internet. How to do it? In this article at our site we will try to provide you with the guidelines you need. Read on and you will learn to shop for generic Viagra the smart and risk-free way. That’s the kind of information that you just have to have behind your belt.

Why generic Viagra is not sold in all countries?

In fact, the list of countries where you can’t buy generic Viagra online or from a local pharmacy is very limited these days. It’s just that, if you are a US citizen, you happen to live in one of those. Even though Pfizer’s patent for Sildenafil-based ED meds has already expired or been invalidated in most countries of the world, America still clings to it faithfully. That’s actually very surprising – especially after generic Viagra became legal in Europe and Canada in 2012-2013. But who are we to judge our government?

Shortly after Pfizer’s patents had become invalid, Europe, the UK and Canada got swept by a real tsunami of generic Sildenafil. These days it feels like the manufacturers in India, Asia and other parts of the world have been saving generic Viagra up until this happy moment. The variety of brands of Sildenafil that you can currently choose from is disarming. There are both old and reliable ones like Ajanta Pharma’s Kamagra and Cipla’s Silagra and brand-new meds that we can hardly tell anything about yet.

It’s funny how many of these generic ED meds are sold over the counter all around the world while Viagra remains a prescription-only medication. Many people want Viagra to turn into an OTC drug and in some countries such a possibility looks more and realistic as time goes by. For instance, in the UK you can already buy Viagra without getting a prescription from your doctor first. You will still need to spend, like, 30 minutes in order to get your health assessed by a pharmacist – but that’s already a huge step forward for the industry as a whole. Days upon days of waiting and testing are no longer required – mere 30 minutes after you walk into the pharmacy, you can walk out of it with as much Viagra as you need. Of course, you will have to certify that you don’t have any recent history of heart problems, severe hypotension and so on but that’s no big deal after all.

When will generic Viagra be available in the US?

Now this is a difficult question, for sure. Technically, the patent is to expire in 2019, so we still have some 5 years to go, which is a very, very long time. Thanks to a 100% increase in price over the past decade, Viagra costs around $30 a pill now. If it continues growing this fast in the next five years, how high will it be when the patent finally becomes invalid? Something closer to $50 a pill, right? There will be a lot of people who won’t be able to pay a price as high as this too easily – even in our rich and developed country.

Besides, there is no guarantee that the patent will expire in 2019. With the amount of power pharmaceutical companies have in the US at the moment, it can easily be extended for an even longer period of time. However, to be honest, there’s always a tiny chance that the patent will be invalidated earlier than expected. It worked in Canada, for instance, where Pfizer had been supposed to be the monopolist for many years to come – but got its patent invalidated by the government.

But let’s put the forecasts back for a moment. The good news is that you can already buy generic Viagra online from any point on the world’s map – including America! Patent or no patent, generic Sildenafil is already sold in hundreds of countries of the world – and you can purchase it from any of those countries simply by resorting to the services of a local Internet drugstore. It’s all legal too – you would be allowed to buy Viagra over the counter if you were, say, travelling to India, right? What’s the difference with purchasing it online then? There is absolutely no difference!

Thus, everything that you need to do is google the list of countries where Viagra is sold without prescription, choose one that looks reliable enough and is located close to your current country of residence and… Bingo! The job is done – without any hassle or paperwork and with very serious savings too!

Where do I buy generic Viagra from?

There are few options depending on where you live. If it’s one of those countries where Pfizer’s patent is no longer valid and generic Viagra is openly sold in Canada pharmacies, you can just do the quick walk to the drugstore around the corner and get enough ED pills to fill your cabinet to the brim. Of course, you can shop online from the privacy of your home just as well – if you don’t want anyone to know that you need Viagra, you can keep it a secret by purchasing on the Internet.

If you, however, reside in the US, then shopping for generic Viagra online is the only real option that you have. Thus, what you need to do is decide, where you want to order your ED medication from and what form you want it to come in. Unlike original Viagra by Pfizer, generic Viagra is available as soft tabs, quick-dissolving capsules and even fruit-flavored oral jelly! How does that sound? Something that tastes delicious and also gets you rock-hard in a blink of an eye due to its better absorbed formula… That’s the dream of every man coming true!

Also, if you decide to stick with shopping for generic Viagra online, you need to figure out, which country it is best to order it from. Of course, the best option is to buy it from your own country if it’s available there – it will cut the waiting time and help you avoid possible problems at the customs. However, if you need to buy from abroad, the best options would probably be European countries, India, Mexico and Canada – whichever is situated the closest to your current location. All of these counties produce high-quality generic Sildenafil and have legal systems strict enough to ensure that running into fake counterfeit meds would be unlikely.

Things to remember when using generic Viagra

Is there a generic Viagra that is 100% safe? Unfortunately, the answer is no – but only because Viagra itself is not that much of a safe medication. Sildenafil has got a lot of side effects that you need to be aware of when taking it. Of course, most of those side effects are minor and won’t mar your perfect sexual experience but… There are also a few serious ones that are incredible rare – though not impossible.

So, when taking Viagra, generic or brand-name, you are LIKELY to experience any of the following: headache, flushing, stuffy or runny nose, dyspepsia, minor vision changes (such as increased sensitivity to light) or nausea. These are not the things to really worry about but we still feel it’s best to warn you. On the contrary, here are the symptoms of more serious side effects of Viagra:

  • - pain in the chest spreading into arms or shoulders,
  • - sudden hearing loss,
  • - sudden vision loss,
  • - severe hypotension symptoms – tingling in limbs, fainting,
  • - an erection that stays stiff for 4 hours or more.

In the unlikely event of experiencing any of those, seek medical help immediately. Moreover, we strongly recommend you to stick with generic Viagra from reliable manufacturers only. If you can find a lot of information and positive feedback about the company making the brand of generic Viagra you are interested in, then it’s most probably a good one. On the contrary, if you find yourself in complete information vacuum with barely any facts about this manufacturer available on the Web, better refrain from buying its products. It might be a brand-new one that’s yet to be tested (better by someone else, not you) – or even a fake company at all. As you can understand, popping pills made by such enterprises is always infinitely more dangerous than going for meds by trustworthy manufacturers with long and successful history behind their backs.

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What is the difference between various kinds of generic Viagra?

The main difference is, of course, the brand. There are so many of them these days that it looks like Sildenafil is being manufactured by thousands of different companies at once! Needless to say, once again we recommend you to go for meds produced only by the most famous pharmaceutical companies that have been in the market for at least some time. Trying new and very promising things is fun, sure – but not when you are risking your health.

As for the actual list of ingredients – if may differ from brand to brand too. However, there must be one thing remaining unchanged in all kinds of generic Viagra. The active ingredient should always be Sildenafil Citrate – otherwise it won’t be Viagra at all! As for the supporting inactive ingredients, this is where different pharmaceutical companies are allowed to show their creativity. The coloring and preservatives might be different, there might be some extra substances added to lower the risk of side effects and so and so on.

As the result of the above, we also get a significant price difference among different kinds of generic Viagra. Of course, the manufacturers from developed countries will have their prices higher by default as the workforce there costs much more and the taxes are higher. Viagra from developing countries like India, on the contrary, will be pretty cheap – and still of decent quality since the pharmaceutical industry is developed enough there.

Where is generic Viagra manufactured?

Now that’s an interesting question too. The funny thing is that it’s manufactured nearly everywhere – even in the US. Right, our answer when you asked, ‘When will generic Viagra be available in the US?’ was ‘in 2019’. How come someone in the US is making Sildenafil when it’s expressly forbidden? Well, what is forbidden is manufacturing Sildenafil used to treat erectile dysfunction, i.e. Viagra. But there’s also a low-strength form of Sildenafil used in the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), better known under its brand name of Revatio. There are lots of companies making it – and lots of doctors prescribing it as an ED treatment. Yes, that’s an off-label use – but what is the difference? It’s the same good old Sildenafil, it is still strong enough to give many the erections they need. It works!

Apart from the US, there are pharmaceutical companies specializing in Sildenafil working from virtually every country of the world. The biggest of them, however, are located in Canada (Teva), India (Ajanta Pharma, Cipla and more), China and Egypt. All forms of Sildenafil produced by large companies from these countries are equally reliable. Hope that this knowledge helps you make your final decision when choosing among different brands of generic Viagra.